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Insulating glass

The hollow glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with the middle part separated by the hollow AL tube which is filled with the drier. The hollow part is filled with dry air or inert gas and sealed by butyl glue, sulfur glue or structural sealant. The dot model curtain walls, take advantage of the great optical property of the glass, blend with modern design, formed the frequency line and strong steel curtain structure.
Product characteristics
1.have excellent lighting, view, decoration, environmental properties, pay attention to comfort, beauty and noise.
2.Have great heatproof property: in the summer it can prevent heat from coming in and in the winter, it prevent heat from going out. Reduce the fee of heating.
3.Proof heat, damp, cold, frosting, dewing.
1.Widely used in curtain wall, window and doors, automobile, car, train, ship, plane, instrumental
2.Where need temperature control and the control of the air dew formation.
3.The observation door of refrigerator, cold store, in order to avoid the thermal coming  in.
Products specification
Max. size(mm): 3500×2500
Mini size(mm): 300×200

Aluminum sash width: 6,9,12,16
Thickness: 5+6A+5~15+15A+15
If the specification exceed, please negotiate with us.

Quality standard
Accord with GB/T11944-2002.

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